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Setup Guide for Embedded Systems Programming with Rust on MacOS

It’s been a while since I last was tinkering with my Raspberry Pi and worked on some electronics project. After a long break, I was now itching to get back to play around with some electronics and do some embedded systems programming - but this time using Rust. I also bought an ESP8266 and wanted to see if I can use Rust for it. So I spent many hours during the past few days setting up my system and development environment. [Read More]

My Google Summer of Code Experience

Although I have always been interested in contributing to open-source projects, I was never confident enough or lacked the time to make more extensive contributions (besides a few smaller pull requests). Luckily, this summer I decided to participate in Google Summer of Code and finally get involved more in the open-source world. Google Summer of Code 2018 was an extremely valuable and exciting experience for me and I learned a lot during that time. [Read More]

Scala Macros vs. Rust Macros

Having worked with Scala for some years now, I have used Scala macros on several occasions and always have been impressed by how powerful they are. Recently, I started learning Rust and also came across its macro system. Although both metaprogramming facilities might seem similar at first sight, the way they work is actually quite different. In the following I will explore briefly how Rust macro rules and Scala macros work, how they are different and compare them against each other. [Read More]